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is copyright 1996-2003 Serdar BULUT, Ibrahim CANPUNAR.

ANATOLIA is brought to you by ANATOLIA consortium:

Serdar BULUT {Chronos}
Ibrahim Canpunar {Asena} canpunar at TBD
Murat BICER {KIO} murat at TBD
D.Baris ACAR {Powerman} baris at TBD


ANATOLIA started in early September 1996, using Rom2.4 code. In June of 1997, ANATOLIA II was started, eventually replacing the original ANATOLIA.
The following people contributed to the ANATOLIA MUD:

-- Addition of New Areas --
Ibrahim Canpunar, Serdar Bulut and Murat Bicer
-- Revision of New Areas --
Ibrahim Canpunar
-- Revision and Addition of New Helps --
Ibrahim Canpunar and Serdar Bulut
-- Additional Maps --
Ibrahim Canpunar
-- Ideas and playtesting --
So many dedicated mudders around the world. Especially Amac Ural, Mustafa Ongel, Ibrahim Uzel, Rasit Gumus, David Heide.
-- Complete C Code --
chiefly by Serdar Bulut,
with major contributions by Murat Bicer,
and also Ibrahim Canpunar and Devrim Baris Acar.

-- Used snippets (Available on internet) --
Quest Code (c) 1996 Ryan Addams
Some snippets by Erwin S. Andreasen

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